1. Who Is SaveCoin?

SaveCoin, LLC is a local business offering consumers great deals and discounts. SaveCoin features exclusive and unbeatable deals on delicious food, fun places to go and great things to buy in the Fargo-Moorhead, Grand Forks and Bismarck/Mandan areas. Additionally we offer numerous coupons to many local businesses, giveaways and numerous fun items in our "goods" section. Check out SaveCoin and start saving!

2. How Do I Receive Daily Deal Alerts?

Never miss a deal again! Sign up for daily alerts that let you know what merchant is being featured. Just go to our site www.savecoin.com and click on "Get Deals By Email" link at the very top right. Then, choose the city you wish to get deals in and submit your email address.

3. How Do I Purchase The Deal I Want?

Go to SaveCoin.com and find the featured deal you would like to purchase. Once you have located your deal just add to cart. Deals are typically only available for 3 – 5 days and may be limited so make sure you catch your deals before they are gone!

4. Is my information safe?

Absolutely! We take the security of your personal information very seriously and utilize 128-Bit SSL encryption to ensure that your credit card information is secure. If at anytime you want your information removed from the site, just give us a call.

5. What If I Forget My Password?

If you forget your password all you have to do is go to the “Sign-In” page and click “Forgot Your Password”. You will then enter your email address and it will send you an email with your new temporary password. If you don't see the email, make sure to check your "Spam" folder just in case. You can always change your password by logging into your account and clicking on “My Account” at the top right.

6. Can I Refund My order?

Voucher purchases can always be refunded within 30 days of purchasing. Any purchases made in our "Goods" section have 14 days from the time the item was received to request a return. We also guarantee satisfaction on our deals and will refund after the 30 or 14 days on a case by case basis. To refund your order you can email us at Support@SaveCoin.com or call our office at 701-365-0404.

Goods Refund Request

  1. Send an email to support@savecoin.com explaining your request for a refund
  2. We will respond to you with instructions on where to send the item. The item must be as close to original condition as possible (unused with package slip).
  3. Once we receive the item back, we will issue you a refund
*You are responsible for any return shipping costs

7. When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged immediately when you click the "Purchase This Deal" button.

8. How do I change or delete the credit card on my account?

To delete your card from your account, start by signing in to your account. Once signed in you will see an option to delete your credit card under the payment methods tab. Simply click on the "Delete Credit Card" link, which will be listed in green under your current card data. Note: If you do not have a card stored in your account, you will not see any credit card or billing information listed here. To change the card stored in your account you must do so at the point of your next purchase. During the checkout process of your next purchase, you will see a link which reads "click here to use a different credit card". By clicking this link you will be asked "Are you sure you want to delete credit card info?". By clicking "Yes", new credit card fields will appear, allowing you to enter a new card.

9. What will show up on my credit card statement?

It will show up on your statement as SaveCoin.

10. When do I get my voucher?

You will receive your voucher via email within 30 minutes of purchasing the deal. Remember: Be sure to check your junk or spam mail folder! It will also be available in your SaveCoin account. Just click on the “Sign In” link and enter your email and password. Once you are signed into your account you will be able to click the "My Vouchers" tab. It will be labeled “Deal Vouchers”, and will show all available vouchers. These vouchers will have a "Print Voucher” link where you can download a PDF to print.

11. Do I need to use my deal voucher the same day I buy it?

No. Each voucher has a unique promotional voucher expiration date. To find out when your voucher expires, you can check the expiration date on your voucher. After the expiration date the voucher is only valid for the amount you paid. This paid value can be used with the merchant towards their goods or services.

12. Do I Need To Print My Vouchers Right Away?

No. You will always have access to your vouchers on your SaveCoin account. You also will be emailed a copy so you can print your voucher at your convenience.

13. Can I buy a Deal as a gift for someone else?

Yes, unless otherwise stated on the deal. We communicate with all the businesses that we work with so that the deals can be gifted. Just click on "give as gift" in the shopping cart. You will need to provide the friend's name and email to purchase the voucher as a gift.

14. If I do not use the full value of the SaveCoin in one visit, can I use the remainder later?

No. Unless otherwise stated you do not receive store credit or cash back for whatever you do not use. Be sure to check the “fine print” for each deal as it will clearly specify whether the individual voucher offers a credit for unused amount or not. You can always bring a friend!

15. Can I combine my Deal Voucher with other offers or specials?

No … not unless the Deal Voucher specifically states otherwise.

16. What if the merchant for my Deal Voucher goes out of business?

If anything happens that makes it impossible for you to redeem your Deal Voucher with the Merchant, we will work with you directly to make sure you receive an equivalent credit to use when you purchase future vouchers! To report an unused voucher from a business that has closed, just send your name and voucher number to support@savecoin.com

17. How can I tell if my voucher has been used?

All businesses are given access to our online redemption app where they can mark off vouchers as "used". Once a business marks your voucher "used" it will be moved to that tab on your account. If a business uses this online app, you can give us a call and we can look up redemption information. If the business is not using our online redemption app, then they keep track of those vouchers that have been used at their establishment. You may call the business of the vouchers in question to verify if they have been used or not.

18. What if a voucher I purchased expired and I didn't find time to use it?

Unless otherwise stated on the voucher, all expired vouchers are still worth their paid value. You can use this paid value with the business the voucher was issued for towards their goods or services. Using the paid value with the business is always the first option. If something prevents you from doing this (business closed, new name/ownership, etc.), let us know. We would be happy to work with you in getting an equivalent credit with us. More on the expired vouchers policy can be found under the "TERMS OF SALE" section on our Terms & Conditions page.

19. How can I get my business featured on SaveCoin?

Please contact Sales@SaveCoin.com or visit the Feature Your Business section for more information.

20. Who Do I Talk To If I Have Any Questions Or Concerns?

Email us at Support@SaveCoin.com or call us at 701-365-0404. We love to help you out!